• Paul Fingleton

Microsoft Details Schedule for Windows 10

Microsoft gave some further information around the aniticpated release schedule for Windows 10. Also underlining that the firm planned to ship the final version of the OS at some point in late 2015 - thereby trying to quell online rumours that an April launch could be possible.


After a small press event in September to reveal Windows 10, the first pre-release build known as the Windows Technical Preview went live on October 1. Answering questions from the press at that event, Terry Myerson said said that Microsoft would have a consumer-oriented build and detail additional user experiences in early 2015, they would also reveal the Windows 10 developer story at BUILD in April 2015, and then Windows 10 itself would ship later in 2015.

COO Kevin Turner provided a bit more information during an appearance at the Credit Suisse technology conference about various milestones for Windows 10 on the path to RTM (Release to Manufacture) suggesting that later in 2015 is more likely to mean September or October than in the first half of the year.

Microsoft plans to show off more of the end user/consumer features in Windows 10 in early spring, according to Mr. Turner, a time much later than the January event that has been mooted by industry insiders.

It should be noted that other sources close to Microsoft expert Mary Jo Foley have continued to hint that the consumer event is still planned for late January at Microsoft Headquarters in Redmond. The early spring date mentioned by Mr. Turner is probably a reference to the Build 2015 conference in April.

Turner said that he expects Microsoft to ship Windows 10 in summer or early fall. This is most likely to OEMs or Enterprise customers, which would suggest a September/October availability to the Public just in time for the lucrative Holiday season.

Sources: ZDNet, WinSuperSite