• Paul Fingleton

Nokia Updates Here Apps for Windows Phone, Brings Free Goodies to Everyone

Who doesn't like free stuff? Well, the only thing better than free stuff is when that free stuff is some of the best products available on the market.

Today, Nokia (or Nokia-prime, rather than Nokia-Microsoft) updated all of it's HERE products for Windows Phone and Android and boy have they added a whole lot of extra value.

Today’s update of HERE Drive+ for Windows Phone brings

  • Voice-guided navigation for 18 new countries and territories, bringing the total number of available countries to an astonishing 118 countries.

  • Free offline Maps and GPS directions is now available for all Windows Phone devices running Windows 8.0 or later (this was previously limited to Windows Phone 8.1 users, or Nokia Lumia owners unless you wanted to pay for a licence).

The update is now live for HERE Maps, HERE Drive+, HERE Transit, HERE City Lens for Windows Phone and HERE for Windows 8.1


In addition to Windows Phone users getting some love, Here for Android has also escaped it's BETA tag and is now officially available for download from the Google Play store, for free.

The Catch, you say? Well, part of the process will involve migrating from your existing Nokia account to a new HERE account to maintain synchronisation of your collections across all your devices.

You can migrate your synced Nokia account data in two ways:

  • If you're already logged into the app with your Nokia account, you'll be prompted to create a new HERE account and then migrate your Collections. Or,

  • You can go to the Account Settings page HERE.com and start the import process there. Nokia recommends doing this soon, and it will only take a few minutes for the import to complete.

If you're an iPhone user and wondering why there is no version of the excellent HERE apps for iOS, Nokia further clarifies:

"Following the positive reviews of HERE for Android, a lot of people have expressed their interest in an iOS version of our app. We really appreciate this interest and demand. Our iOS app development team is working hard on this and we plan to officially launch HERE for iOS in early 2015."

Source: Nokia HERE 360 blog (Windows), Nokia HERE 360 Blog (Android)