• Paul Fingleton

Nest Learning Thermostat now available in Ireland

The Nest Thermostat for Europe takes away the hassle of programming. Simply turn it up and down like a manual thermostat for about a week and Nest will take it from there, creating a personalised schedule that is refined over time.

Taking the guesswork out of setting your Thermostat and also trying to save you money in the long run is the goal of the Nest.

For most people it will be their first introduction into the Smart Homes market and Google were quick to snap up the company for billions of dollars. The financial might of Google has certainly helped Nest in expanding it's market reach.

Once it’s on your wall, the Nest Thermostat starts learning about you and your home. Turn the heat down when you leave, up when you come home, down at night. Within a week, your Nest Thermostat learns the temperatures you like and creates a personalised schedule for your home.

It may take some time for Irish users to actually trust that this little device can actually do what it says on the tin.

“It’s about homes doing more for you than you do for them.” says Lionel Paillet, European general manager with Nest, in Dublin for the Irish launch as Nest aims to build the "caring, intelligent home".

With the amount of data that Nest collects, privacy is a significant concern for the company, and Mr Paillet stressed that Nest will run very much as separate entity from it's new parent, Google, and do not share data with each other.

“There is a clear separation in terms of our models … and from a company operation perspective we have our own head office and our own culture, and the decision was taken to operate separately from Google.”, Mr. Pallet


Nest had to add extra equipment for their European Launch, as the heating systems used over this side of the world are much different to those in the United States and there is not much call for Central Air in Ireland to cool our houses.

How much do they cost?

  • Nest Learning Thermostat: €219 inc VAT and €35 for stand if you don’t have an existing thermostat;

  • Nest Protect (smoke and CO alarm): €109, inc VAT, wired or battery version does not require professional installation

The Nest Thermostat can be purchased in electronics stores nationwide, including Harvey Norman. It can be bought online from the Nest Store directly, or from the Google Play store, with apps available to control your thermostat available for iOS and Android Devices, with a third party app 'Nestle' available for Windows Phone.

Because the Nest Thermostat connects to the heating system using high-voltage cables, professional installation is highly recommended.

Announced at the recent Web Summit in Dublin, Electric Ireland have entered a Partnership with Nest and are currently running an offer to install a Nest for Free (saving €374 for new customers) or for €99 (saving €275 for existing customers), based on the customer signing a new two year contract.

Source: Nest, Electric Ireland