• Paul Fingleton

Microsoft Confirms January Windows 10 Event - Xbox, Windows Phone and more expected

Microsoft have confirmed the date for their January event for Windows 10 and have started sending out invitations for 21 January.

Details of the event was confirmed first to members of the Windows Insider Program in an e-mail from Gabe Aul, director of Windows program management.

Microsoft plans to share more about their vision for Windows 10, and the presence of Phil Spencer on the list of presenters has sparked speculation about more details about how Windows 10 will affect the XBox One platform.

Joe Belfiore, previously known as the face of Windows Phone will present prompting rumours of a sneek peek at Windows Phone 10, and whether it will drop the 'Phone' from it's name. However, with Joe Belfiore's new role as Corporate Vice President of the Operating Systems Group it is possible that we may need to wait until the Build conference later in the year to learn more about that.

Satya Nadella, Microsoft CEO, will speak at the event as it is expected that Microsoft will unveil more Enterprise and Consumer features for the upcoming refresh of the venerable Operating System.

Unlike the November reveal, Microsoft will be livestreaming large portions of this event.

Source: Windows Blog, Gabe Aul


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