• Paul Fingleton

Apple Pay to expand in UK, Europe and Middle East in 2015

Apple Pay was unveiled in September by Apple as a US only feature, but a recent Job posting on the Apple website uncovered by iClarified shows that Apple plans to move quickly into other areas.

In particular the job was looking for an Intern to help the rollout to advance across Europe, the Middle East and India, starting in the UK.

Apple would like for the feature to be in as many retail outlets as possible and in judging the US market perfectly they have avoided the sense of disappointment that had come around other Mobile payment solutions - requiring a secure SIM card, or similar add-on for the phone - the market is ready for them to sweep to success across the US.

This timing is in large part to US retailers finally abandoning the old Magnetic Strip and Signature format of Credit cards, having previously eschewed Chip-and-PIN cards. Now, as retailers across the US move to update their terminals for Contactless Payments by 2016, Apple Pay may become the de facto standard with users.

Will they have as easy a time in Europe where Chip-and-PIN terminals have been around for years? Retailers may not be in as big a rush to move to update their terminals again with NFC enabled terminals.

The new intern role is expected to be responsible for the handling of contracts and non-disclosure agreements between Apple and third-parties like banks and retailers. So, it may be later in 2015 before we see the fruits of this labour.

Source: iClarified