• Paul Fingleton

Project Spark: Microsoft reveal 25 favourite worlds, out of 100,000 shared projects

The community for Microsoft's free to play game creation studio, Project Spark, has been busy. Although the game officially released in October 2014, it was in beta for a much longer time and with all that time the community has released almost 100,000 game worlds for others to play in, modify or just nosey around.

Speaking to the Spark Community, Rahul Shadan from Team Dakota, the team behind Project Spark, "We knew Project Spark would be a boon to creators and players. But we never could have guessed how many different kinds of experiences the community would make with our tools. There are games, movies, sculptures, fan art, assemblies, homages, experiments, tutorials, starter kits, modular kits, prop kits… and that only covers half of the creations!"

Somehow, Team Dakota managed to whittle down the massive list to a mere 25 favourites, these include some of our own favourites:

  • Little Big Plan It (by Mr Xbob)

  • Super Spark 64 (by Rodrigo Bezzi)

  • Ultimate Frisbee (by Ianlrod)

Did your favourite make the list? Or think you can do better? Why not head over to Project Spark and give it a try. Best of all is that you can download any of these worlds and change them however you see fit.

Project Spark is available as a free download on Windows 8.1 and Xbox One.

Source: Project Spark blog


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