• Paul Fingleton

Windows 10: XBox Music to support Playlists and Music in OneDrive

During yesterday's Microsoft's Windows 10 event, Joe Belfiore managed to surprise many with the announcement that Xbox Music and OneDrive would allow users to make use of the "Music" folder from OneDrive.

While many had anticipated this feature from the time that the Music Folder appeared late in 2014, in fact Microsoft-watching site WinSuperSite had predicted that this feature was on the way. Belfiore managed to take everyone off guard as he casually mentioned in passing, while demoing the new Universal Apps in Windows 10, that Xbox Music and OneDrive will allow this feature as soon as "Next Month".

As Office 365 subscribers now have access to unlimited cloud storage, this would make a good move by Microsoft to ensure that users take advantage of that space and then need to renew that subscription to keep the space for their music and entertainment.

We'll let you know when the feature goes live for Xbox Music users - hopefully it won't require a Music Pass to use this feature.

Random extra fact: if you switch your Windows 10 Regional Settings to "Gaeilge" the user interface for core Apps like Music will switch to Irish (Check the screenshot above). Maith sibh, Microsoft.


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