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Microsoft to finally update Office for Windows Phone? [UPDATED]

[UPDATE] Italian Windows blogging site, WindowsBlogItalia, has further details from Joe Belfiore promising further updates about Microsoft's plans before Chinese New Year, 15. February 2015.

This would is likely to indicate that the curtains will be lifted during the 21. January event Microsoft has planned for Press and Windows Insiders.

[Original Story]

One of the big pushes Microsoft made when launching Windows Phone was to include Office as part of the OS. This was to help market Windows Phone as an OS for business and enterprise users. The problem was that it was a scaled back version of Office. A very scaled back version of Office.

Despite moving from Windows Phone 7 to Windows Phone 8 and now 8.1, there has very little by way of updates or changes to Office on the Windows Phone platform.

Windows Phone users became disillusioned as they saw first iOS and then Android receive touch ready versions of Office that not only matched but clearly surpassed the experience offered by Microsoft's own mobile operating system.

However, in 2015 things may finally be about to change. Microsoft watching site, WinBeta, has spotted an update from Microsoft to the Windows Mobile community in China that Windows Phone has not been forgotten. Click on over to WinBeta to find out more.

Source: WinBeta,



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