• Paul Fingleton

Samsung shuns Android TV, pushes ahead with Tizen for 2015 Smart TV line up

It is widely known in the industry that Samsung have a difficult relationship with Android: It is the OS of choice on which they have made their widely successful Galaxy Smartphone line, but they are limited on what they can do with the OS if they want to keep Google onside. Google have been keen to not lose Samsung as an Android stronghold.

Samsung, on the other hand have long toyed with the idea of moving to the Tizen OS, a Linux-based alternative to Android with a focus on HTML5 rather than Java used in Android. However, Mobile phone users like to ensure that they have all the apps they need for their regular tasks and such a big change would not be made lightly on the Galaxy smartphone line.

Lucky for Samsung, they have their fingers in almost every technology pie and can pursue their Tizen plan on other platforms first - allowing consumers to get used to it before eventually performing the big switch on the smartphones.

The Galaxy Gear smartwatch recently switched to Tizen from Android Wear, and next up is the Samsung line of Smart TV's.


According to Samsung all of their 2015 Smart TVs will be running the Tizen OS with the goal of enabling developers to easily create compatible content.

Executive Vice President of the Visual Display Business at Samsung Electronics, Won Jin Lee, said, "Tizen not only enriches the entertainment experience for our customers today, but unlocks great potential for the future in home entertainment."

Perhaps the biggest win for the platform already is PlayStation Now support, which will enable owners of the new Samsung Smart TVs to stream older PlayStation titles and play them directly on the TV without owning the Sony console directly.

The 2015 devices will also stream TV to certain Samsung mobile devices that are nearby, using Bluetooth LE to detect compatible devices in range then WiFi Direct for the streaming connection, with this feature set to work even if the TV is off.

Other key features will include:

  • Samsung Sports Live allows users to watch live games while simultaneously checking team and player stats on the same screen. Samsung has also partnered with global games companies for a large and varied games catalogue.

  • The PlayStation Now cloud-streaming game service available in North America offers PlayStation gaming on Samsung Smart TVs with no PlayStation console needed. With PlayStation Now on Samsung Smart TVs, users can play hundreds of PlayStation®3 games simply by pairing their TVs with DUALSHOCK 4 controllers.

  • The popular dance game Just Dance Now, in partnership with Ubisoft, is available globally on Samsung Smart TVs. Users will be able to play and dance in front of their TVs using the Samsung Smart Remote and Samsung mobile devices. The game supports multiple players, so even more friends and family can join in the fun.

We are likely to see more of these TVs and other goodies from Samsung on display at CES when it kicks off in Las Vegas next week.

Source: Samsung