• Paul Fingleton

Microsoft's latest phone has 29 days standby time on a single charge: What's the catch?

Yes, you read that correctly: 29 days on a single charge, for less than €30.

Ok, you're not going to get the latest smartphone with that performance. In fact, you're not getting a smart phone at all. It is Microsoft making the most of it's licencing deal with Nokia on Feature Phones.

The Nokia 215 is an internet-ready feature phone with the traditional Nokia battery life, but access to Facebook, Instant Messaging and even has Opera Mini installed by default.

Targeting emerging markets, the phone uses colouring schemes similar to those of the Lumia line and features an MP3 player, Browser, Facebook and Messenger integration, Flashlight, Camera and FM Radio - with support for up to 32GB memory with Micro SD card expansion.


It is amazing to see so much crammed into such a small package and for such a low price. If this is successful, it could be used as a gateway to introduce people to Microsoft services and encourage customers to migrate to a Lumia device later, when they become more affordable or useful in their market.

But, for under €30, you could do worse for a fallback phone, or if you're heading camping and need to be sure the phone will still have enough juice to get you rescued.

Source: Microsoft