• Paul Fingleton

Want to add more space to your Xbox One?

The Xbox One Launched a little over a year ago with a 500GB Hard drive installed and we all knew then that it would not be enough space since every game had to be installed. Microsoft have since released a Call of Duty bundle with a 1TB internal drive.

From launch day people called for the ability to add external storage. It was the number one feature request for a brief time on XBox Feedback. Microsoft listened quickly and added the feature to allow us to add any USB 3.0 hard drive to the XBox One, with at least 256 GB space, and you can move your games across.

Hard Drive

The big problem that creates: Which drive to choose.

Should I go SSD? It's pricey for space, but will you notice the difference.

OK, how about Hybrid Drives? More affordable, sure.

Or do you just go for the most space you can afford?

Luckily, we're not the first to think of these questions. The boffins over at Digital Foundy have tested a number of different drive types and posted the results - this should make your choice a little easier.

Once you have made your choice, Windows Central has a step-by-step guide of how to configure your drive. Luckily Microsoft have made the process relatively simple.

Too long to read it all? Go for the most space you can afford - USB 3.0 is faster than the internal SATA, you'll notice the difference.

Click on over to our friends at these sites and make a more informed choice then enjoy all your space, and the speed increase you'll get as well.


Digital Foundry

Windows Central