• Paul Fingleton

Geek Chic: Things we like from around the web

Welcome to Geek Chic, a new feature where we take a look at cool gadgets, clothing and other gizmos from around the internet. These are things that have tickled our funny bone, or stand out among other merchandise we've seen.

Our promise is that we will recommend only things that we really like ourselves. If we have been sponsored to recommend an item, or use an affiliate link to a web store, we will clearly let you know and you can apply the appropriate pinch of salt to any recommendation.

This week: The "Calvin and Hobbes" and "Street Fighter II" inspired T-Shirt with design provide by WinterArtwork, takes four familiar characters and puts them together in a way you wouldn't have thought possible.


The depiction of Hobbes, normally pouncing playfully on his friend Calvin but in the style of mortal enemies Sagat ready to wreak revenge on Ryu is guaranteed to bring a smile to the inner geek in you.

Available in a selection of sizes, styles and colours from RedBubble, we can't take responsibility for the amount of people who will randomly shout "TIGER!" at you, but at least you know you have met a fellow geek.

Link: TIGER! T-Shirt at RedBubble

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