• Paul Fingleton

Wireless Charging groups agree to merge ... Mostly.

A constant pain of the technology early adopter is that Standards are not exactly standardised yet. As flat screen TV's came on to the market, there was the confusion over what exactly was HD - was it 720p or 1080p? What about 1080i? Hold on, what about HD or Full HD?

The same could be said for Wireless Networking, remember 802.11 a/b/g? And that is even after standardisation.

Wireless charging is a technology that is now joining the other technologies that is trying to move itself from the wild west of competing and incompatible types that forced early adopters to choose one or the other, or even both if they happen to buy a device that supports a different type of wireless charging.

All is not entirely well, however as only two of the three organisations developing wireless charging have agreed to come together and press ahead as a single group in an effort to advance the technology in the mainstream.

The third group has decided not to join with this group and will press ahead with its own, incompatible, charging system.

The two combining groups Alliance for Wireless Power and the Power Matters Alliance have decided to join together, in an as yet unnamed group, to build on top of an existing 2104 deal that wireless charging methods from the two organisations would at least be interoperable.

Are you the Wireless Power Consortium?

The group still holding out, the Wireless Power Consortium which includes Nokia, Audi and Verizon among others as members, has already had some market success with its Qi charging system with over 600 products already available for use.

When new technologies such as Wireless charging become more standardised, we more readily see adoption in consumer technology and prices and availability make the technology more usable. With names like Intel, Qualcomm, Dell, Samsung, Huawei, LG and Starbucks among the members of the new union it should quickly make large strides to bring the common tech to a large swathe of electronic devices.

We're not quite there yet, but let's look forward with hope to the day when we will be able to do away with the late night fumble to plug the phone in to charge.