• Paul Fingleton

Microsoft 'Spartan' Browser for IE 10: What can we expect? [UPDATE: More Details and screens

Microsoft are still playing their cards close to their chest about the future of the Browser in Windows 10. Rumours abound that Microsoft are set to abandon the Internet Explorer moniker entirely, to help distance itself from any perceived negativity towards Microsoft's long running browser series.

When Microsoft was asked for comment on recent rumours about their browser plans, a spokesperson gave an expected the company has "nothing to share." response.

Two things we do know: Microsoft is planning to completely overhaul the Browser in Windows 10. The Codename for the updated browser is 'Spartan'.


We're unsure if that is 'Spartan', as in minimal, or 'Spartan' as in Master Chief in the Halo series. Our guess is that it's clever wordplay on Microsoft's part considering one of the major features rumoured to be included in the new browser: Full Cortana integration.

Cortana, Microsoft's digital assistant will be able to prompt you for your interests, the example in a detailed account on The Verge is for monitoring flights - if you have a flight booked with an airline, Cortana can be aware of this if you have it so configured and when you type the airline web address in the browser, a little notification will prompt you with the details.

The browser is also set to be unified across PC, Tablet, Xbox and Phone, which would mean feature parity and synchronisation of data between Windows devices.

A few nice little features among many that Microsoft are planning to show at their 21. January, "Next Chapter of Windows" event.

If you can't wait that long, head on over to The Verge for their full summary of Windows 10 Browser information gathered so far.

Source: The Verge

[UPDATE 09. Jan 15, 15:00]

Tech site NeoWin has seen some blurry cam shots of the new browser, indeed it looks more like Chrome or Firefox rather than the traditional IE interface.

Cortana does not yet seems to be included in the build they have seen, but is likely to be implemented once the browser is more complete.

Click on over to NeoWin for the full details.