• Paul Fingleton

The future of Windows Phone to be revealed in two weeks time.

Microsoft are keeping tight lipped about exactly what will be on show the week after next at their big "The Next Chapter of Windows 10" event. Sure some things may leak out, like internal builds that shouldn't be out in the wild and they spill the beans on features like Cortana coming to the Desktop OS, but we haven't heard much official news yet for the future of Windows Phone.


That looks set to change, according to Tom Warren from The Verge. His inside sources have let him know that we will start to see this future at the 21. January event and that "Preview for Developers" users shouldn't have to wait long to get their hands on it.


Windows 10 on phones is expected to drop the 'Phone' part of the OS Name, in an effort to unify the operating systems and follow the "One Microsoft" mantra.

It is also rumoured that the OS will finally unify the old Windows Phone and Windows RT operating systems into one OS and focus on the Tablet and Smartphone markets and touch devices - perhaps finally banishing the Desktop from Windows RT devices such as the original Surface and Surface 2.

Joe Belfiore of Microsoft has also strongly hinted that we will see an updated version of Office for Windows Phone at the event.

With less than two weeks to go, it will be interesting to see if Microsoft manage to keep any surprises back for the big day. The Event in Redmond is an invite-only affair, but Microsoft will be live streaming large portions of it on Microsoft.com.

Source: Tom Warren (The Verge, via Twitter)