• Paul Fingleton

Apple Watch 'Companion' app detailed in iOS8.2 Beta

Developers got their hands on the latest beta release of iOS8.2 yesterday. iOS 8.2 will be the first version that will support the Apple Watch and in this latest Beta we get to learn more about the Watch and the Companion app that will run on the phone and configurations that will be possible on the Watch itself when it releases later 'in the Spring'.


Apple watching site 9to5mac took a detailed look at the features specifically for the Watch, including Home Screen customisation, Messaging, Maps and of all things the Time Keeping functions.

Using the Companion App, users will be able to arrange Watch Apps on their home screen in a manner similar to the view given to iPhone users in iTunes.


Owing to the limited screen real estate, a full keyboard to respond to messages is not expected to be available. However, users can respond via either transcribed dictation or actual audio messages. Using the companion app, users can create or edit default text replies for incoming text messages for a quick 'On my way' or 'Running Late' type of response.

Watch Apps will be able to be customised, and the example given is that of the Stocks App where the user can configure the particular Stock price they would like to watch and a constant ticker will show the current prices.

The Companion app gives users granular control over fitness features like the stand reminder to tell you if you've been sitting too long. or to track exercise and movement goals. Heart rate tracking is a feature that can be enabled or disabled as a way to calculate calories burned and general fitness level - turning this feature off will obviously save battery life.

There are plenty of secrets that 9to5mac have uncovered about the Watch Companion app, click on over to their site to read up on the features you will be using when the Watch releases around March of this year, if industry rumours are to be believed.

Source: 9to5Mac