• Paul Fingleton

Google grounds it's Glass Explorer program, for now.

Google today announced that it is ending sales of it's smart wear Google Glass devices, bringing with it an end to the Explorer program. Explorers, or early adopters, were given the opportunity to buy Glass for $1,500 (approx €1300) each.


The expectation for Explorers is that they would be first to have the device and that it would generally be available to consumers shortly thereafter.

Google insists that this is not the end for the Google Glass product line and team and that it will continue to support companies that are using Glass. The Glass team is not being disbanded, apparently, and instead will move into a group that will report directly to Tony Fadell, the man behind the Nest Learning Thermostat which was acquired by Google last year.

While Glass certainly kickstarted a public awareness of wearable technology, grabbing many headlines for various reasons including privacy worries and earning traffic tickets for Explorers, the product has never reached the heights or evolved in a way that would have built a market.

Since the launch of the Explorer program for Glass many other companies have launched their own rival Smart Eyewear products, with varying degrees of success with making the devices look more natural. However, none have yet to reach the mainstream market in any meaningful way or make the category a must-have device.

Fadell said that the Glass project will now focus on integrate the things that have been learned from the project into future projects, although refused to give details of these projects or any expected timeline for the next release of Glass or a variation on the product.

Strangely, the Explorer program is still open in the UK for another week at least.

Source: BBC News