• Paul Fingleton

Spotify on Windows Phone looks gorgeous after major update

Hot on the heels of Netflix updating their app before Christmas, today we have Spotify receiving such a large update that it even qualifies for a major version bump - version 5.0.

The interface is more organised and easier to get where you want to go, in fact the new User Interface encourages you to go to new places by placing an emphasis on discovery. It wants you to try something new.

Upon login, you are offered the Top Lists of music in your locale or your musical taste, New Releases of albums and singles, and invites you to Discover music based on your listening history on a homepage that also hopes to offer you music to match your mood.

The UI seems to neatly fit all the features of the desktop Spotify without having to cramp everything on to the phone screen. Album and Playlist artwork is large and clear against a dark, black background. Menus and Buttons are smooth and quick in transition and call out to be pressed because it has something else for you to see.

Go ahead and download it from the Windows Store and take it for a spin, it is available as a free download and includes free (i.e. ad-supported) streaming.

Source: Windows Store


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