• Paul Fingleton

Windows 10: Microsoft's new browser confirmed, still doesn't have a name

The subject of much speculation over the last number of weeks has been confirmed by Microsoft during their "Next Chapter" Windows 10 event.


The new browser, still going by the codename "Project Spartan" was revealed as a slick, streamlined web browsing experience with a number of tricks up it's sleeve.

Annotations: Doodle, highlight and notate any web page and share those notes with friends or colleagues.

Cortana Integration: Microsoft's personal digital assistant becomes more useful when browsing the web. So, if you start to type 'Weather' in the address bar, it will pop up the weather where you are - just in case. Or if it is tracking a flight for you, and you browse to the airline website, it can show you the flight details before you finish typing the address - just in case you were going to check the status of the flight.

Reading View: Technically not something new, as it was in the Modern IE in Windows 8.1 and Safari for a good while. It makes a welcome return in Spartan to remove the fluff from a web site and make it easier to read. This also adds offline viewing for the Reading List and PDF support, nice touches on a welcome feature.

Spartan will be available soon for Windows Insiders, but those with Windows Phone will have to wait a bit longer for the new browser to hit.