• Paul Fingleton

Windows 10: Bringing Xbox to your PC and Tablet, and back again.

Microsoft has long been talking about the business ready features of Windows 10, yesterday they took the covers off many of the consumer features of the new OS. One of the big features was the level of Xbox integration into the PC and tablet world.

The leaked Technical Preview build of Windows 10 (Build 9901) showed a redesigned XBox App that many had interpreted as a replacement for the existing SmartGlass App from Windows 8. Phil Spencer, Head of Xbox at Microsoft, took to the stage yesterday to show that it is much more than that.


New features in the Xbox App include Cross-Platform messaging and real-time chat and the ability to stream your existing XBox One games to any Windows 10 PC or Tablet, not phone, in your home.

Using your home network to connect to the Xbox you pair your Xbox with the PC through the Xbox app and then can launch the game you want to play and control it fully from your PC or Tablet, all without affecting what is displayed on the TV attached to the Xbox.

Another feature making the jump from Xbox to Windows is the much vaunted Game DVR functionality, with a simple press of "Windows Key + G" you bring up the Game DVR interface and can start to record a clip - or save the last number of seconds of gameplay.

As these features become standard, we will start to see a proliferation of games that support cross-platform play, beginning with this year's Fable Legends. Players on PC will be able to play with gamers on the Xbox One console, or play against them as the bad-guy.

Of course, turnaround is fair play, so the Xbox One will be benefitting from Windows 10 also. This will come in the form of Universal Apps - Apps that can be coded once and built for Phone, Tablet, PC and now Xbox One,

Spencer joked that we are not likely to start seeing millions of users running Excel on their Xbox One - although they could - it provides a great opportunity for App developers to get their App or Game idea on to the big screen.