• Paul Fingleton

Windows 10: Windows Phone becomes Windows 10


Windows Phone has officially dropped the 'Phone' part of the name to become part of the main Windows family. Microsoft yesterday revealed some small details about the new experiences with Windows on Phone and Tablet, as these devices will essentially run the same version of Windows.

The first advantage of this unified system is Universal App support. Continuing on the work started with Windows 8, Microsoft have pushed this further by ensuring that developers with very little extra effort can build an application that will work on Phones as well as it does on Tablets and PCs.

Showing off the versatility of this Universal App platform, Microsoft unveiled their touch version of Office, which will be included with all Phones and Tablets running Windows 10 and can be downloaded separately for PCs.

Office on Windows Phone 10

Microsoft also confirmed that all current Windows Phone 8 and 8.1 devices will be eligible to get Windows 10 as a free upgrade when the OS ships later this year, with the imaging advances made by the Lumia Camera app likely to be included in the default Camera app in Windows 10 - which, of course, will also show up on Tablets and PCs as a result due to the Universal App nature of the beast.

At the end of the show Microsoft teased further that a Flaghip phone for Windows 10 will be announced later this year. This is welcome news as many have lamented the race for the bottom with cheap Lumia phones designed to attract people to the ecosystem, or mid-tier phones that have decent specs but don't scream 'Wow!'.

With Mobile World Congress just around the corner, in March, we will hopefully have more news soon on what to expect from this unnanounced phone.