• Paul Fingleton

Give Microsoft a piece of your mind. Here's where and how.

A couple of years ago, while Microsoft was still working on Windows 8, it was a dark and secretive place. Only the select few journalists were able to nab an exclusive and information travelled a one way street: From Redmond out.

The push for the modern UI, the mixture of Desktop and Modern and all came because the Windows Team thought that they knew best.

Well, now Microsoft are ready to listen and really use the UserVoice web site to listen to ideas great and small for a number of it's products.

UserVoice - Feedback to Microsoft

If ever there was something you wanted to see something added to one of their products here's your chance. Log on to the appropriate User Voice site and let rip. Take a look at the existing suggestions, maybe someone has already had a similar idea.

Here's the full list.

  • Windows: http://windows.uservoice.com

  • Xbox: http://xbox.uservoice.com

  • Windows Phone: http://windowsphone.uservoice.com

  • Cortana: http://cortana.uservoice.com

  • XboxMusic: http://xboxmusic.uservoice.com

  • XboxVideo: http://xboxvideo.uservoice.com

  • Facebook on Windows Phone: http://wpfacebook.uservoice.com

Microsoft have already used suggestions from this site to improve their products, add features and communicate upcoming features and even to prioritise development focus on the issues that people are really looking for.