• Paul Fingleton

Microsoft teases Windows Phone owners with Windows Insider app update, but no Preview - yet.

Microsoft's Phone Insider App that we talked about a couple of weeks ago received an update to bring the name for the application in line with the official Windows Insider program, and now allows users to log in with a Microsoft Account. But that is it,

After the update you are prompted with the usual warning that this is prerelease software and you can search for a build

Users can log in with either an internal Domain account from within the Microsoft Corporate Domain, or a Microsoft account such as for Outlook.com and OneDrive.

Unfortunately, that's as far as you can go for now. It searches but finds no builds assigned to your account or device.

Microsoft have indicated that a Preview build of Windows 10 on Phone would not be available until February. Of course, February starts on Sunday and with this application update things are starting to get exciting and it is possible that we could see the first preview builds as early as next week.

We will keep on top of things and let you know when things kick off on Windows Phones.

What Windows 10 feature are you looking forward to most? What handset do you have? Let us know in the comments section.


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