• Paul Fingleton

TIP: Update your Xbox One Controllers this weekend for faster connection time

In the February Xbox One update Microsoft hid some extra magic to help your Wireless Controller connect more quickly with the console - in our tests this dropped from about 5 seconds to between 1-2 seconds

Here's the low-down on how to update your controller.

  1. Ensure your console is on and you’re signed in

  2. Plug the big end of the included USB cable into the port on the side of the console.

  3. Plug the small end of the USB cable into the top of the controller.

  4. Instructions to install the update should automatically be displayed. Follow the instructions, and don’t disconnect the USB cable while the update is in progress. (The process can take up to 3 minutes.) If instructions to install the update are not automatically displayed, you can start the process manually. To do this, press the Menu button, select Settings, select System, select Update controller, and then select Continue.

  5. When the update is complete, unplug the USB cable. If you have additional controllers to update, connect them now, one at a time, select the Update another button on the screen, and then follow the steps.


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