• Paul Fingleton

TIP: Claim up to four 'Free' Xbox games every month

Games with Gold - Up to four free games a month, available in Ireland

Every month Microsoft offer Xbox Live Gold subscribers a number of games for 'free', and there's a reason for the quotes around 'free' that will become clear later.

On Xbox 360, subscribers receive two games every month, one is released on the 1st of the month and the second is released on the 16th of the month. These games, once purchased for free, are yours to keep forever.

On Xbox One it gets a little more complicated. There is at least one new game added every month, with the game from the previous month usually hanging around for a second month. So, at each month there is usually two games available, but only one of them is new. These games are yours to play as long as you are a Xbox Live Gold subscriber. Hence the 'Free' with quotes. This means that f your subscription lapses, you cannot play the game until you either buy the game or renew your Gold.

For example:

  • 1. March - Game 'A' for Xbox 360 is available, Game 'X' for Xbox One is available.

  • 16. March - Game 'B' for Xbox 360 is available. Game 'A' is no longer available for Xbox 360. Game 'X' is still available for Xbox One.

  • 1. April - Game 'C' for Xbox 360 is available. Game 'Y' for Xbox One is now available. Game 'X' is still available for Xbox One.

  • 16. April - Game 'D' for Xbox 360 is available. Game 'C' for Xbox 360 is no longer available. Game 'Y' and Game 'X' are still available for Xbox One.

But, wait! What if I don't have an Xbox 360 anymore, or I haven't got an Xbox One yet?

You can still 'purchase' these games online and once they are registered against your account while they are available for free, then they will be yours to play 'forever' … As long as you remain subscribed to Xbox Live Gold.

Here's how you do this:

  • Go to the Games with Gold page.

  • Click the link for the game wish to purchase.

  • Complete the Purchase process (ensure that the game is listed as Free).

This will register the game against your account. If you have not yet bought an Xbox One, you can do this until you get your One making sure that you will have a readymade library when you eventually make the generation jump.

If you no longer own your Xbox 360, it might be worth doing this process for games you like anyway. Just in case Microsoft will let you stream your existing digitally purchased Xbox 360 titles if (when?) they enable game streaming for these titles.

If you had started this when the Games with Gold program started, you would already have over 50 games for free.

Source: Xbox.com