• Paul Fingleton

Editorial: Windows Central calls for calm in the rush for news of Windows 10 for phone

Throwing the Toys out of the Pram

The internet is a wonderful thing. It makes a world or information, entertainment and software available at your fingertips. A place to meet people of like minds, or even those with whom you completely disagree.

Microsoft is looking to harness this collective identity to make the next release of their operating system, Windows 10, to be the best ever. Utilising the Windows Insider program it is giving users access to the software earlier than ever before, it is talking to the community more than ever before and it's giving the software at no cost.

For some people that isn't enough.

Some feel entitled to more. More information. To get the software quicker. Microsoft tell me now, because I want it now!

Don't get me wrong, I am as excited as the next person - perhaps more so - to install Windows 10 on my Lumia phone and take it for a spin. Hopefully it will make the phone seem like a new phone, and satisfy that growing itch to buy a new Smartphone. On a daily basis I'm checking the Windows Insider App, just in case the build is there.

Here's the thing. It's a Technical Preview, essentially an Alpha or a Beta at best. It will have problems. If the current build has a bug that bricks a phone, then Microsoft could release it now, but how much more would the Internet explode if that were to occur.

Richard Devine wrote an interesting piece on this phenomenon over at Windows Central, where he shares his open desire to test out Windows 10 on his Windows Phone but calls out members of the community for harranguing Microsoft staff.

Devine writes: "Excitement is great. It shows Windows 10 is in peoples minds, it shows it's a product people want to have. But the fact we don't have it yet is "getting on everyone's nerves" or Microsoft is not "listen(ing) to millions of fans crying" is absurd. These people have a job to do. You're not going to make them do it any faster. "

He's right and hopefully with time and a little bit of patience, we will have the Tech Preview of Windows 10 in the coming days.

Unitl then, I thoroughly recommend going over to Windows Central to read up the rest of Richard's piece. I'm off to do that, but first I may check the Windows Insider App ... just in case.

Source: Windows Central.