• Paul Fingleton

TIP: How to get unlimited cloud storage on OneDrive

So, did you pick up one of those bargain Windows 8.1 tablets recently? Did you know that you can really take advantage of that Office 365 subscription that came with it?

Microsoft wants it's users to get used to using OneDrive as their cloud storage of choice and has started to provide Office 365 subscribers with 'Unlimited' OneDrive storage.

Why the quotes on Unlimited - is there some catch? Well, the only catch is that it is a phased roll-out of the Unlimited Storage starting in only 10 Terrabyte chunks.


If you're an Office 365 subscriber, all you need to do is visit the Microsoft registration site and within a couple of weeks you will receive an e-mail from Microsoft confirming your first 10TB chunk of free space.

"Ask and you shall receive!", begins the mail from Microsoft, "We have taken you off the waiting list and your Office 365 account now has access to unlimited OneDrive storage. We added 10 TB of OneDrive storage to your account to get you started during this initial rollout."

OneDrive and Office 365 are clearly integral parts of Microsoft's "Mobile First, Cloud First" strategy and both services can be used on an array of devices with native clients available for PC, Mac, iOS, Android, Xbox and Windows Phone and files stored on OneDrive are essentially available from any machine with a modern browser.

Microsoft know that people will try to push this to the limit and are even prepared for someone who has more that 10TB to upload. "If you reach your capacity and need additional storage" Microsoft continue in their welcome message, "just email us"

Let's see how long it will actually take us to fill up that 10 Terrabytes and what response I can get from Microsoft when we turn up and ask "Please, sir, can I have some more?"

Source: OneDrive.com