• Paul Fingleton

"Xbox, take a screenshot" and more in the March Xbox One preview update

Xbox One Screenshots now available to preview members

Currently one of the most requested features and already teased by Head of Xbox, Phil Spencer, as 'coming soon' Xbox One Screenshots are now available to all members of the Preview Program on Xbox One as part of the March System Update preview.

While playing a game, any game, users can capture a screenshot by saying "Xbox, take a screenshot" or double-tapping the Xbox button and pressing 'Y' on the controller to save the screenshot.

Other new features include Suggested Friends to help you find and connect with people that you might want to have as friends on your list - friends of friends or top content creators who stream or broadcast interesting stuff that will then show up in your activity feed.

Tile Transparency, introduced only this month, receives some attention based on community feedback. New settings have been added to allow customisable levels of transparency.

Privacy and Security gets a small update to allow users to agree to their Bing Voice search commands be gathered to improve the overall experience for users - although that doesn't really affect Irish users, unless their region is set to United States.

The recent surge in Spam hasn't gone unnoticed by Microsoft, either. A new Report Spam function has been added to the messaging app.

There are plenty of more goodies to be unearthed in this update, with Major Nelson highlighting a few more in this overview video.

Are you a member of the Preview Program? Tell us what you think of the update in the comments section.