• Paul Fingleton

Happy Anniversary, Microsoft Ireland! €130m new campus announced

DN Microsoft 1[1].jpg

Microsoft is celebrating 30 years in Ireland by announcing details of a new €134m campus style building which will bring Microsoft’s 1,200 strong team all together in one building for the first time in the company’s history in Ireland, since it started in Ireland first.

Starting out in 1985 as a production facility, Microsoft has expanded over it's 30 year Irish history to include developers, engineers, finance and operations professionals as well as sales, marketing and services teams. Currently these roles are spread across multiple buildings in South County Dublin. The new move will bring all the teams to work alongside each other in an environment that will encourage, foster and facilitate innovation and collaboration across teams and disciplines.

The campus investment is the latest in a series of large infrastructural commitments that Microsoft has made in Ireland over its 30 year history here. The total amount invested by the Company to date is in the region of €1 billion, a figure that includes significant data centre investments in west Dublin.

Cathriona Hallahan, MD, Microsoft Ireland said: “It is fitting and appropriate that we make this further commitment to Ireland during the year that we celebrate our 30th anniversary here. Having grown from a small manufacturing facility with less than 100 people in 1985 to what we are today, we have a strong track record of continual investment in Ireland. Dublin is now home to a number of European and global teams and groups as well as to the first Data Centre located outside the United Scales – a facility that has grown rapidly over the past 5 years. The €134m investment in a modern home for our team underpins our long term commitment to Ireland. We are looking forward to having a great year of celebrations to mark our 30 years in Ireland and there is no better way to start the year than with this announcement.”

It is expected that the project will create an additional 150 jobs during the construction phase.