• Paul Fingleton

Microsoft considered 'Ludicrous Speed' ring for Windows 10 Preview, for those who want to li

Microsoft Windows 10 Technical Preview Ludicrous Speed incoming? Will Microsoft go Plaid?

Patience is a virtue. That said, the desire for the latest and greatest technology often outweighs such a virtue, as with the Windows 10 Technical Preview Builds.

In November, Microsoft divided the Insider Program into two groups or 'rings', Fast and Slow. The plan here was that the Fast Ring would get the newest build after it passed through Microsoft's own Internal rings (Canary and OSG). Meanwhile, the Slow Ring would receive updates after the Fast ring had already endured the teethng problems in the wider world.

After the build in November, the last for 2014, there was a large gap until the 'Next Chapter' event in January and Microsoft decided that due to the gap between builds that the new build should be made available to both rings at the same time and that releases should follow a 'roughly' monthly schedule thereafter.

February came and went without a build and the Windows Insiders started to get twitchy with expectation of a new Preview build. Gabe Aul has fielded many questions on Twitter about this and took to talk to the Windows insiders directly in a blog post.

"This is a new approach for us and we’re learning and evolving it as we go. On the outside it may have some similarity to past Preview programs or the old CTP programs from Vista and earlier, " said Aul. "We’re debating right now about whether we should simply adjust the speed/risk balance of the Fast ring or whether we should create a new ring for people who really want the fastest pace possible"

Of course, Microsoft could push a build out whenever they wanted. But if that build is buggy, perhaps Windows Insiders who expect the pre-release software to be as stable as finalised code start to build a negative impression of Windows 10 which has enjoyed a widely positive reception to date.

Aul attempted to address that, "There will also be times when new functionality is coming into the builds where we need a little extra time to stabilize and polish before it reaches you. These feature integration windows will come at different times, which means we really cannot provide a predictable build schedule for when we expect builds to reach you... we expect that you’ll get a build “roughly monthly” since we can typically expect that a build will come out every 30 days or so, though sometimes ... it may take a little longer"

There are some who would be willing to take the risk on a buggy build, and Microsoft are aware of that. Mr. Aul continued "[we] had serious conversations last week with my team about a “Ludicrous Speed” ring", the name a reference to cult movie 'Spaceballs'.

Microsoft are still working on releasing builds as soon as they are ready, and with rumours abounding that the Internal OSG ring may be moving to daily builds expectation is high that at least one new build will be available to Windows Insiders in March.