• Paul Fingleton

The Fast (ring) and the Furious (Windows Insiders)

Microsoft have listened and heard the cries of the intenet loud and clear. You want more frequent builds for Windows 10 if you are on the fast ring.

"We’ve heard your feedback asking for more frequent builds", Microsoft began in a letter to Windows Insiders "We’ve probably been too conservative about pushing builds to the Fast ring for Windows Insiders. So we’re preparing to speed up the build releases for those who want to live life in the Fast lane."

The good news for Windows Insiders who feel the need for speed and choose the Fast ring is that they will start to receive code earlier than before, with all the new features and fixes. This comes with the obvious warning that as builds come faster that there may be more bugs, or worse bugs without workarounds.

"If this doesn’t sound like something you want to deal with, now is your time to switch to Slow.", continued Microsoft in a 'point of no return' reminder to users.

On your PC, you can change this option in Settings > Update & recovery > Advanced options:


On your phone, you can change this setting in the Windows Insider app:


From this point on there will be a more noticable difference between the cadence and level of polish of preview builds available on the Fast and Slow rings.

Windows Insiders who choose to keep the default setting of Slow will still receive preview builds, however they will arrive less frequently and with a higher degree of polish.