• Paul Fingleton

'Uh-Oh' HTC America announce special cover for accidental damage to HTC One M9

Smartphones are great. Everything you need from a computer in your pocket, displayed on a beautiful touch screen. But, have you ever had that sinking feeling when aiming for your pocket, but missed and the distance to the floor was enough to crack the screen beyond repair.

In America, HTC have just announced their programme of cover 'UH OH protection' for their newly announced HTC One M9 product. If you break your phone in any way within the first year - Cracked Screen, Water damage, dropped phone or even if you want to switch to another carrier - they will send you a replacement phone and that's it.

The protection will be valid for any HTC One M9 or even M8 that is purchased after the program launches in the States.

The replacement will be handled as an advance exchange - customers will still need to provide a credit card for HTC to block out the cost of the phone in case you don't return your old phone. The phone is delivered overnight and you have twenty days to return your broken phone.


HTC have even thought about the careful users who never dropped their phone. If you don't use your UH OH protection, HTC will give customers $100 off their next HTC One purchase, essentially meaning that US customers will never have to pay full price for a HTC One again.

In an age when CPU speed, included RAM or Screen Size and Performance are becoming less and less of a differentiator between smartphones it is interesting to see how HTC are moving to stand out from the crowd with something to stand out and entice people to their platform.

There is no word yet on when, or if, a similar offer will ever be available for us in Europe. We can only wait and see as the HTC One M9 becomes available in Ireland next month.

Until then, take a look at the Special Announcement from HTC America for more details.

Source: HTC