• Paul Fingleton

Precision and Personalisation as HTC One M9 launches in Ireland

HTC officially unveiled their latest flagship phone, the HTC One M9, for the Irish market at a press event in Dublin tonight. Perhaps because much of the details for the phone have been revealed earlier in the month at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, specifications and design have already been covered in earlier articles.

HTC have opted to refine their flagship phone from last year's model, rather than to enter a numbers war with other smartphone manufactuers - cramming more 'p's into the screen, or shaving more 'mm's off the 'thinness'.


Lisa Duggan, Country Manager for HTC in Ireland, was keen to stress the personalisation availble in the HTC One M9 courtesy of it's HTC Sense 7 software, that will help to make this phone your phone.

Over time it will learn your routine, which apps you use and where you use them and will group them into Work, Home and Out for you - so your e-mail will be there with your calendar between nine and five, with Facebook, Netflix or Asphalt 8 when you are at home and Snapchat or Twitter when you're out on the town.


Ms Duggan highlighted the level of care and attention that goes into each handset during the precision machining process that turns an ordinary block of aluminium into the latest evolution of the HTC One series: 300 Minutes for each handset, almost double the amount of time as last years M8-series.

After the process is complete there is less than 3% of the original material left behind - in fairness, some of my secondary school metalwork projects decimated a block of aluminium to the same degree, but without the same beautiful end result.


The HTC One M9 is available in Gunmetal Grey or Gold on Silver (which isn't as gaudy as it might sound) from all the major Irish mobile networks with prices ranging from Free on bill-pay up to €749 if you buy SIM-Free directly from HTC.