• Paul Fingleton

Cortana is coming to your iPhone, iPad or Android device soon.

Windows Phone 8.1's blockbuster feature, Cortana, will be coming soon to iOS and Android devices. Already confirmed to be built in to Windows 10, the personal digital assistant will arrive shortly on non-Windows devices by means of an app.

Cortana for iPhone.JPG

The announcement came as Microsoft revealed their Phone Companion app for Windows 10, which will walk you through the steps needed to configure your phone to work optimally with Windows 10 irrespective of the OS on your phone.

This will perform tasks such as installing OneDrive and Cortana Apps on your phone and configure them to syncronise the relevant data between your mobile and PC.

Further enhancements for easily using all your Microsoft sources on your phone include Office, OneNote to ensure your docouments are synced across devices. Music, ditching the "Xbox Music" moniker, will also see improvements including OneDrive music access on Android and iOS.

Windows 10 mobile will not need much configuring by the Phone Companion app, as it is built from the ground up to be married to Windows 10 on PC.

This Phone Companion app continues to build on Microsoft's "Mobile first, Cloud first" mantra, which is becoming more about mobility of experience, productivity and data than about the Mobile device itself.

Windows 10 releases this summer and will be available as a free upgrade to all Windows 7 and 8 users.

The Cortana companion will be available for Android phones at the end of June and for iPhones later this year. The updated Xbox Music app for Android and iPhone will be available in late June or July of this year, with “beta” functionality to enable playback of OneDrive music content.