• Paul Fingleton

CoderDojo Coolest Projects Awards headed to RDS Dublin

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Young coders from all corners will be coming to the CoderDojo Coolest Projects Awards 2105 to be held in a free event open to the public at Dublin's RDS on Saturday, 13. June 2015, from 10:30 - 5:30.

Coolest Projects was created in 2012 by Noel King, Paul Phelan and Ben Chapman with the aim to encourage CoderDojo youth to create their own projects with the knowledge and skills they gained from attending their local CoderDojo. It has quickly become the largest kids coding competition in the world, and this year will see more than 500 young finalists from across Ireland and Europe converge in the RDS on Saturday June 13th.

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These inspiring young people will showcase technological creations including apps, games, websites, robots, drones and "hacks" to make our lives run better.

Microsoft, official European partner for the CoderDojo Foundation & Movement, is offering participating students the chance to win a Surface 3 device by tweeting a selfie with their own cool project to @MicrosoftIrl. Microsoft will also be providing demonstrations and tutorial sessions to introduce young people to world of invention that coding represents.

Patrick Ward, from Microsoft Ireland, is delighted that volunteers from the software giant will be on hand "[we will be] providing tutorial classes aimed at inspiring young people to build their coding skills, which will be useful to them no matter what career path they choose to pursue."

CoderDojo Coolest Projects 2015 offers CoderDojo youth aged 7 between 17 the chance to submit individual or group projects created using their creativity and skills with computer languages and hardware learnt at CoderDojo.

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Previous winners of the CoderDojo Coolest Projects Awards include 10-year old Lauren Boyle (currently EU Digital Girl of the Year), Thomas Carrigan (robot creator), and 12-year old Niamh Scanlon, who last year built an app to allow users of electric cars find free charging points and see whether or not they are currently available.

"The level of innovation we are seeing in the Coolest Projects entries we are receiving from around the world is inspiring. There is no doubt that we are at the vanguard of a youth movement that sees young people generating astonishing results in coding and hardware. Students can have an idea and move to execute it themselves right away "that's a level of freedom that young people love. It's great to see Microsoft on board encouraging and facilitating young people who haven't experienced coding yet to get involved," said Mary Moloney, CEO of the CoderDojo Foundation.

Co-founded in 2011 in Cork by, then 17 year old, James Whelton and philanthropist Bill Liao. In 4 short years there are now over 700+ Dojos spread across 58+ countries around the world ranging from places such as the UK, Nigeria, Japan, Ireland and the USA. CoderDojo continues to rapidly grow through a volunteer network of affiliated and inclusive coding clubs, where all young people are given the opportunity to create technology in a safe and social environment.

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