• Paul Fingleton

DOOM remake to launch early 2016

Taking the stage at the Bethesda pre-E3 conference, id Software showed off their latest incarnation of the seminal FPS Doom.

Doom Log_edited.jpg

Aimed as a reboot more than a sequel, the game will feature a single player campaign in addition to the expected multiplayer mayhem that will lead you through various locations on Mars and in the darkest holes of Hell.

The Gameplay demoed at the conference showed off all the expected features of the original series fast paced action filled with bullets, explosions gore and a fair share of dark humour: One solution for unlocking a hand scanning keypad is to find the remains of the appropriate scientist and bring his hand back to trick the scanner.

Subtlety is not a word that will be associated with this game.

An interesting technical development is that id have said that they will support modding tools and map creation using their SnapMap utility and that such mods will be able to shared with others no matter which platform they are using.

We will have to follow that closely and see how that comes about closer to launch in the Spring of next year.

NOTE: This game is definitely going to be 18+

The demo video is not suitable for people younger than 18, the squeamish or probably most workplaces.

Doom will be available on PC, Xbox One and PS4.