• Paul Fingleton

E3 2015: Play Xbox 360 games on Xbox One

Microsoft started their pre-E3 briefing with a bang this afternoon with news that the much requested Backwards Compatibility feature will be coming to Xbox One this winter.

E3 2015 Back Compat.JPG

Games you already own digitally will appear in your Xbox One library automatically, if you have a game on disc you can insert the disc and it will install and run on your Xbox One exactly as it did on Xbox 360.

The feature allows for full cross-play with existing friends playing the game on Xbox 360, including chat, while also allowing for Xbox One specific features such as Screenshots, Game DVR and integrated Twitch Streaming.

The initial line-up of titles is about 100 games, and Xbox Preview Program members can start to play these today, while the rest of the gamers will need to wait until later this year.

E3 2015 Backwards Compat Library.png

Interestingly, there is no work required by developers beyond approving a game for use with backwards compatibility, which should mean the library of titles will grow very quickly.

At the Microsoft Conference, EA committed to bringing their recent games, Ubisoft are bundling the two Rainbow 6 Vegas for free with Rainbow Six Siege and Fallout 3 will come free with Fallout 4 when it releases in November.

Microsoft couldn't resist a slight dig at Sony's Playstation Now service, finishing the into by saying "We won't charge you to play the games you already own".