• Paul Fingleton

E3 2015: Uncharted 4 makes a high octane debut on PS4

Nathan Drake, PlayStation's iconic treasure hunting hero, is back for one more adventure. Debuting at the Sony Press Conference with a trailer showing off the many different vehicles that can be used in the new game.

Previous Uncharted games have had limited driving sections, as Naughty Dog sought to keep tight control on the narrative and it always worked in their favour. The Uncharted series of games are some of the most entertaining games to sit and watch someone else play.

The demo opens with Nathan entering a busy town square, clearly looking to get lost in the crowd, but the bad guys are not far behind and arrive and start shooting the place up looking for our heros.

Running and gunning his way through the village streets, Drake finds a jeep and sets off at a breakneck pace to try and outrun his enemies. Through narrow steets, lively with traffic and gardens and roads filled with chickens, other livestock and locals.

All through the chase a sense of flair for the visual and a demonstration of the destructible environments, crashing through fences and off roof tops. Naughty Dog are a team at the top of their game and the humour and buddy-buddy feel of the original games continues throughout the chase as the travel companions banter back and forth between themselves.

Uncharted 4: A Thief's End arrives excllusively on PlayStation 4 in March 2016.