• Paul Fingleton

Apple Pay appears in Ireland

The launch of the iPhone 6 brought with it the announcement of Apple Pay, a mobile payment option that the tech giant believes will make cash redundant.

Originally launched as a US-Only feature, the service began to roll out to the UK in the middle of 2015.

Now, the technology has been spotted here in the Republic of Ireland, with new self-service tills at select SuperValu supermarkets around the capital displaying the Apple Pay logo on their payment terminals.

Paying with your NFC-enabled mobile phone gives a great opportunity for credit and debit card companies to help reduce fraud due to stolen credit cards. Using TouchID on the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 plus, customers need to identify themselves by fingerprint before payments can be made.

Various analysts projected that the Mobile Payment market will top $750 billion by 2017, and with mobile payment companies taking a small service fee for each transaction there is a lot of interest in this sector

Many have tried before and not been succesul, Google had their Mobile Wallet service that didn't take off. Microsoft's Windows Phone 8 could support mobile payment, but was hampered by requiring a secure SIM card that no operators or banks wanted to support.

Samsung bought LoopPay in a direct attempt to take on Apple Pay and Google and Microsoft will be back in the near future to try and earn a slice of the Mobile Payment Revenue.

Now that Apple Pay is available in Ireland, will you be willing to use it? Will it be more than a gimmick that you try once? Let us know in the comments below.