• Paul Fingleton

Clanwilliam announce eScript Prescription Notification service for Pharmacies, GPs and Patients

Aiming to revolutionise the way that pharmacies manage and fill prescriptions is no easy task. The Clanwilliam Group today launched eScript.

Designed as a notification service that safely sends a secure notification of the prescription details from the GP’s computer to the patient’s chosen pharmacy. While it does not replace the traditional signed paper prescription, it means that the pharmacy can start preparing the prescription before the patient gets there. For patients that means less waiting time, while pharmacists are able to enjoy a quicker dispensing process. Meanwhile, automatic electronic storing of prescriptions will help pharmacists care for their patients over time.

Speaking today, Jennifer Hughes, Director of Marketing at Clanwilliam Group, invited pharmacies to register for eScript, or learn more at www.escript.ie.

“Part of our overall vision at Clanwilliam Group is to help create a joined-up healthcare system by electronically connecting healthcare providers. Through eScript we are aiming to ease the flow of patient information between GPs and pharmacists."

Taking into account some of the potential legal issues of the service “While the paper prescription remains the legal entity, the pharmacist will now be able to prepare prescriptions and dispense within a click of a button, providing greater efficiency and more time for counselling patients. This solution has been developed specifically to support the needs of the Irish pharmacy sector. We have leveraged our experience and years of insights of understanding the GP and pharmacy community to develop a solution which will improve their operational efficiencies and day to day professional lives. We think pharmacies will love the ease of use of the new service and the benefits that it will deliver to their customers."

Richard Corbridge, CIO at the HSE and CEO of eHealth Ireland, has welcomed the introduction of eScript, saying that it represents a leap forward for patients and for the pharmacy community in Ireland.

“eScript will facilitate a change in the relationship between the GP, the patient and the pharmacist. The increased level of efficiency and the improved level of control delivers improved safety and empowerment for patients, GPs and pharmacists. The innovative use of technology for a delivery of this kind supports the vision that eHealth Ireland have set out in the Knowledge and Information plan.

“We live in a time when radical strides are being made in technology and how well we integrate new innovation with healthcare will make a difference when it comes to patient care outcomes. The approach adopted by eScript, whereby the paper prescription is still a central part of the process, is one which will satisfy the requirements of pharmacies, while enabling all parties – the GP, the patient and the pharmacy – to continue to have personal choice about provider whilst still making full use of new technology,” said Mr Corbridge.

For instance, patients will receive a text message from their pharmacy to let them know that the script is being filled, giving peace of mind and improving satisfaction levels. Patients are also in complete control as to which pharmacy they choose at each GP visit.” said Ms Hughes.

eScript will launch to the public in January 2016.

More info: eScript