• Paul Fingleton

Microsoft thanks Insiders for helping "make Windows awesome" on First Anniversary of Windo

Today marks the one-year anniversary since Microsoft opened its Windows 10-shaped doors to Windows Insider users and Gabe Aul, the public face for most of this process, took time to thank Windows Insiders for the impact that the Windows Insider Program has made to how Microsoft engineer Windows.

In the 12 months that this program has been up and running, Microsoft released over 27 different builds of Windows 10 for PCs and Mobile devices to let Insiders take a look at the direction Windows is heading. The program has continued after the official release of Windows 10 on PC, with three additional builds being delivered to the Fast Ring Insiders.

After the veiled secrecy of the Windows 8 development process, it is interesting to see Microsoft let the highs and lows of developing software to be laid bare before the general public.

Many ideas from this public consultation process helped to make the product smoother when regular users could install Windows 10 on July 29. Feedback is still being received and considered to iron out further creases in Windows 10. Thank you to all the Windows Insiders who have joined us to help make Windows awesome.