• Paul Fingleton

New Passport Card available from Today

Today, Ireland's Department of Foreign Affairs began issuing a new Passport Card for Irish Citizens. The Passport Card, a wallet sized ID card, serves as a companion to a full-sized traditional Passport and can be used for Travel within the EU and the EEA (European Economic Area).

Costing €35 and valid for up to 5 years, the Passport Card is designed to be durable and highly secure, integrating an embedded hologram photo for the first time the first time on travel documents. Travelling between EU/EEA states will require only this Passport Card, meaning that the bulkier Passport Book can be left at home. Travellers will still require the Passport Book.

The entire application process can be completed from home using your browser, iOS, Android or even Windows Phone device. Applying is easy and requires only that you use the camera on your device - a selfie using the front-facing camera on your phone is acceptable, but will be analysed online before it is accepted and your application processed. Your photo still has to meet international standards.

Image Credit: NASA/Buzz Aldrin

While the usage of the Passport Card is currently limited to the EU/EEA area, the card will be of benefit to frequent travellers as in essence it will allow them to travel, if and when their passport books are being held in embassies while visas are being processed.

Additionally the Passport is now regularly required for non travel purposes. It is also envisaged that demand for the passport card will be high among young adults for age verification and consequently assist in reducing the number of lost passports.

Source: Department of Foreign Affairs