• Paul Fingleton

Irish Business Focus: Laundrie - Cleaning up in the online Laundry market

In Ireland we have always had a way of looking at things slightly differently to others: We're a land of poets and scholars revered around the world for our ways with words. In the field of technology and the use of technology in business we look to punch above our weight in the global and local markets and over the coming weeks we will be looking at a number of Irish Businesses and their use of Technology in these Areas.

First up in our Irish Business Focus series is Laundrie, a Dublin-based company looking to change the way that Dry Cleaning is done by offering laundry services online, picked up and delivered to your door.

Coming originally from working in Corporate Finance, we talked with Evan Gray, founder of Laundrie, to see what inspired them to begin the service and how they got to where they are now.

Tell us a little about where the idea came from.

I was working in corporate finance but always had an entrepreneurial spirit. Throughout my career, I found getting to the dry cleaner before or after work was a real pain and through there had to be an easier way. Laundrie evolved from this need for a more convenient dry cleaning and laundry service.

I couldn’t tell you exactly how long I was playing around with the idea, because I'm constantly living with an idea for a couple of weeks and usually they will fade away. Laundrie stuck with me and I began working on it in October 2014. Due to a number of setbacks the app wasn't officially launched until July the following year.

What sort of setbacks did you encounter?

The main challenge was getting the app right. The company I initially used [for development work on the App] were great at working, but the output was far too slow [and the app was released later than we had hoped].

When you are starting a business, all you see are potential and opportunities. I would say that now I would be more selective in choosing the development company to work with.

How has being online helped your business?

We have a presence online that would not be possible any other way. [There is] a relatively small number of the population who use dry cleaners and laundrettes. [Having an online presence] is about speaking to a large audience in the most effective manner and is only possible online.

Things seem to be going well, what is next for Laundrie?

We will be launching an updated site in December to enable bookings directly on the site. [This is currently available through the App and through e-mail requests]. We will be releasing an Android app hopefully before the end of the year this this may probably early in January. We want to make it as easy as possible to book a collection and delivery. We cover almost all of Dublin with five full-time employees and hope to expand into other European countries in 2016.

Thank you for your time. To finish, is there anything that you would like everyone to know about Laundrie?

Laundrie is involved in Bank of Ireland's Sponsor for a Day competition. If we won we would have the Laundrie logo [replace the Bank of Ireland logo] on the Leinster team jersey for the game against Bath in the European Rugby Champions Cup in January.

That's a great opportunity for a start-up company

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Laundrie currently offers Dry Cleaning services in the Dublin area, with a door-to-door service to pick up and deliver your laundry, for more information see www.laundr.ie and don't forget to check back in December for the new look site.