• Paul Fingleton

Alienware Steam Machine launches PC Gaming into Your Living Room

Christmas may come early for the PC gamer in your life with the official launch of the Alienware Steam Machine. A collaborative effort between Alienware, a pioneer in high-performance PC gaming systems, and Valve Software, the developer of Steam, the wildly successful PC gaming platform.

Designed to bring a console-like experience to PC gaming, the Alienware Steam Machine looks to go head-to-head with the already established Sony PlayStation 4, Microsoft's Xbox One and Nintendo Wii U.

The Alienware Steam Machine builds on the strengths of Alienware’s definitive design, reliability and performance introduces Valve’s SteamOS, with a library of more than 1,500 SteamOS-specific games plus thousands more via in home streaming and over 100 million users to play with. SteamOS allows full access to traditional PC games with just a controller – the Steam GamePad comes included - no keyboard or mouse is required.

Along with free access (no subscription costs) to this enormous library of inexpensive and free-to-play games, the SteamOS ecosystem is an established pipeline for games yet to come. For your game collection today and into the future, cross-platform support and backward and forward catalogue support are hallmarks of the Steam ecosystem, making the Alienware Steam Machine much more than just a console.

Alienware Steam Machine will be bundled with free bonus content including the complete versions of PAYDAY 2 2015 Game of the Year Edition, Screencheat and Robot Roller-Derby Disco Dodgeball. It will also include free-to-play title War Thunder with special in-game items; plus a M18 Black Cat Tank and a XP-38G Lightning plane.

Unlike traditional consoles, the Alienware Steam machine comes in different models. €599.00 will get you the entry-level model with an Intel Core processor, High Performance NVIDIA GTX graphics and a 500 GB Hard Drive. Upgraded versions include Quad-HDD (7200RPM), with upgraded performance and features available with 8GB memory (€669.00), Intel Core i5 (€779.00) and Intel Core i7 (€939.00) processors, up to 2TB Hard Drive capacity and 8GB of memory.