• Paul Fingleton

Leap Top-Up App, use your phone to instantly add credit to your Leap Card

Minister for Transport, Paschal Donohoe, was on hand as the NTA launched a new Leap Top-Up app for NFC-enabled Android phones. Leap Card users compatible phones can check their card balance and instantly top-up their card with travel credit or collect pre-purchased tickets, including TaxSaver tickets, onto their Leap Card – all by touching their card against their phones.

The app was is the result of feedback received from Leap Card users who most regularly travel by bus as, until now, they have had to detour to a shop to upload credit or ticket products bought earlier online.

Anne Graham, CEO of the National Transport Authority (pictured with Minister Donohoe), who launched the Leap Card, and who continue to develop enhancements said:

“We are delighted to launch this fantastic new App today. Leap Card has huge public support – more than 1.5 million cards have been sold since its launch four years ago; it delivers 20% transport cost savings to card-holders, and gives great discounts to people transferring to another bus, Luas or rail service to complete their journey.

"Today’s new App means that people can make those top-up or ticket collections, using credit or debit cards, while they are on their way from A to B, or in the comfort of their own homes at night – whenever suits them – and start using them straightaway.

The Leap Card Top-up app is available for download from the Google Play store for NFC-enabled handsets running Android KitKat (4.4) or later and has already been downloaded several thousand timed since launch this morning.

An iPhone app is not being released at this time, as Apple currently restricts access to NFC technology in their devices by third parties.

Windows users may be supported in the future, but for now the NTA is monitoring the popularity of Windows phones in the Market.