• Paul Fingleton

Things left behind in a Taxi - Hailo Survey Says ...

You would be surprised at some of the answers that Hailo Ireland released as part of their findings from a survey carried out among 530 drivers on the Hailo network.

The survey found that mobile phones (32%), are the most common item left behind in taxis. Other frequently forgotten belongings include umbrellas (19%), keys (14%), glasses (10%) and hats (7%). Drivers were also asked about the most unusual items left behind, and these included a cooked chicken, a box of lobsters, a signed Pink Flyod Album and false teeth.

When asked how frequently people leave their belongings in taxis, 86% of drivers said it occurs monthly, 12% said weekly, and 2% said daily. Upon returning the lost items, drivers say that they are often offered a box of chocolates, cash or are even invited in for dinner. Relieved customers sometimes cry when their phone is returned.

image courtesy: Hailo Ireland

Tim Arnold, General Manager, Hailo in Ireland said:

“Hailo is a technology company that operates in the transport sector. We provide customers with a reliable, easy, safe and convenient way to get a taxi when they need one. Leaving something behind in a taxi can be a common occurrence but our service also means customers and drivers to record all journeys, meaning lost items can be returned easily. At Hailo, our Irish support team are kept busy with over 6000 lost property cases reported every year. Most lost property reports come in after dark when it’s harder to see, so remember to always check the back seat before you get out of your taxi.”

Source: Hailo