• Paul Fingleton

Microsoft commit to more Windows 10 Smartphones with Lumia 650

Microsoft had been accused of being quiet on the future of their smartphone business, especially in the wake of dozens of layoffs announced last week. This week is a different story, with the official announcement of the Lumia 650 Microsoft have also provided it's clearest confirmation yet that their phone business is a key part of their Windows 10 strategy.

Announcing the Lumia 650, General Manager of Phones Program Management, Samuli Hänninen confirmed as part of the goal of reaching one billion devices running Windows 10 within three years of release, "Our phones will continue to play a key role in this effort. We’re improving our platform with regular updates and are committed to continuing to deliver the most productive and secure Windows-based smartphones to Windows fans and business customers."

Targeted at business or enterprise customers, and Windows fans, the Lumia 650 has modest specifications that include a 8 Megapixel main camera, 5 Megapixel wide-angle front facing camera and 1GB of RAM that will ensure that it will run all apps in the Windows Store.

"As we’ve sharpened our mobile strategy with a new focus in phones, the Lumia 650 is another step towards bringing Windows 10 to more than a billion devices."

The Lumia 650 will be available from 18. February priced about €199/ $199

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Lumia 650 Headline Specs

  • Display size: 5 ''

  • Display resolution: HD720 (1280 x 720)

  • Display colors: TrueColor (24-bit/16M)

  • Display technology: AMOLED, ClearBlack

  • Pixel density: 297 ppi

  • CPU name: Qualcomm Snapdragon 212

  • Number of cores: Quad core

  • Clock rate: 1300 MHz

  • Mass memory1: 16 GB

  • RAM: 1 GB

  • Maximum memory card size4: 200 GB

  • Replaceable battery: Yes

  • Battery capacity: 2000 mAh

  • Battery voltage: 3.8 V

  • Maximum standby time: 26 days

  • Maximum talk time (4G): 16 h

Source: Microsoft