• Paul Fingleton

Nutanix makes the Enterprise Cloud smarter with Acropolis and Prism 4.6

Nutanix announced a new release of its web-scale computing platform that delivers up to 4x performance improvement for any workload with no additional hardware or software license, freedom to choose hypervisors without lock-in, and built-in machine learning capabilities that increase operational efficiency.

The Acropolis 4.6 release of the Nutanix software contains a number of significant software enhancements that extends the company’s technology leadership and provides a platform that furthers its mission to deliver invisible infrastructure to elevate IT. These enhancements increase performance across the full portfolio of Nutanix appliances, including the recently updated NX-9000 all-flash model.

Current Nutanix customers can upgrade their existing infrastructure to run Acropolis and Prism 4.6, non-disruptively, and immediately benefit from the increased performance and richer feature set at no additional cost. There is no requirement to upgrade hardware.

Nutanix advise that customers deploying the 4.6 version of Acropolis will experience:

  • Better performance across a wide range of enterprise application workloads, e.g., powering up to 30,000 Microsoft Exchange mailboxes in just 8U of rack space, as validated through the Microsoft Exchange Solution Reviewed Program (ESRP)

  • Delivering the industry’s fastest storage I/O performance across hyperconverged all flash solutions with over 1 million storage IOPS in just 4U of data centre space.

  • Up to 4x price/performance gains on existing investments to deliver as low as $0.35/IOPS, better than top-selling all-flash arrays which also suffer from complex management and additional networking requirements.

  • 1-click Hypervisor Conversion – Switch the hypervisor running on a Nutanix system from VMware vSphere to the built-in Acropolis Hypervisor (AHV) in a completely automatic operation that can be completed in minutes with minimal disruption and risk.

  • Cross-hypervisor DR and Backup – Rapidly recover from a site failure by failing over VMs from one site to another location running a completely different hypervisor. Perform automatic backups of VM-level data from one Nutanix system to another running a different hypervisor. IT professionals can choose the best hypervisor for each environment to minimise virtualisation license costs.

Smarter Data Centre Operations with Machine Intelligence

To operate Enterprise clouds more efficiently, machine intelligence and automation help to reduce complex operations from many clicks to a single click, and eventually from a single click to zero-touch management. New in this release is Prism Pro, a data centre automation solution with a search-first interface and customisable dashboards that help simplify a diverse set of IT operations.

Prism Pro features the Nutanix new X-Fit™ technology with foundational machine intelligence built into the platform, delivering streamlined operations for every workload. With X-Fit™, the platform now includes self-learning capabilities that continuously improve prediction accuracy and the quality of automated decisions over time.

Prism Pro leverages X-Fit to power automation and intelligence across a variety of operations, such as capacity management. This technology pits multiple predictive algorithms against one another, picking the best fit and making actionable recommendations to eliminate over-provisioning without increasing risk to application performance.

Source: www.nutanix.com, Twitter @nutanix