• Paul Fingleton

Xbox S, for slightly improved Xbox One

Microsoft began their pre-E3 briefing by unveiling their updated Xbox One console, the Xbox One S. The reveal would have been a shock, if the details hadn't leaked out yesterday evening.

Shedding some of the bulk of the first version of the Xbox One the Xbox One S is 40% smaller and loses the much maligned external power brick in favour of an internal power source.

Coming in various models, the Xbox one S will come with 500GB Hard drive as standard with some models containing a 2TB internal drive.

Perhaps the biggest update is that it will allow 4K output of video sources such as Netflix, Amazon Instant Video or UHD BluRays. The User Interface and menus will all be output in 4K also, but games will not be upscaled, they will remain at their current resolution with some newer games outputting in HDR colour. Forza Horizon 3 and Gears of War 4 being the first of these games.

A new, sleeker controller with textured grips and Bluetooth support and wider range will launch alongside the updated console.

Launching in August, the Xbox One S will be available at an expected €299 for the 500GB model and expected to ship for €399 for the 2TB model,