• Paul Fingleton

Battlefield makes it easy to switch between games with UI update

A new user interface for Battlefield 4 is being introduced make it a centralised experience for all your Battlefield games.

EA and DICE should be applauded for the way they have doubled down on repairing the damage that was done during the launch of Battlefield 4. The game released in a seriously broken state, but the teams worked to repair the game and the trust of the Battlefield community to make the game one of the top online shooters of the new generation - even after three years.

Now, they are introducing a UI change to all of the Battlefield games, starting with Battlefield 4 then Battlefield 1 when it launches, to allow easy launching and switching between Battlefield games. Battlefield Hardline, the cops and robbers spin-off series will receive the new UI later.

Additional changes in the UI include:

• Functionality for squad creation before you enter a match • A recommendation engine to suggest relevant maps, modes, and more • Unified UI so you can swap between all your Battlefield games from the UI (as long as you own them) The hope here is that this unified launcher will encourage players to stay more involved in the Battlefield universe rather than dropping out to another game when they have had their fill of modern, historical or cops and robbers combat.

Source: EA / DICE